A Statement From The Centurions' Chairman
16 August 2012

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At last night's Fan's Forum, the following statement from Leigh Centurions Chairman Keith Freer was read to the attendees.

"I must first tender my most sincere apologies that I am unable to attend the Fans Forum on the 15th August. It was always my intention to attend the Fans Forum. I do believe that the Fans Forum is a vital part of the Club going further forward. I think the Forum provides an ideal opportunity for me and the Board to explain to the fans and the community where we are. It provides the transparency that is required so that everybody understands what we are doing, how we are doing and where we are going to. The benefits of this transparency can be clearly seen by contrast to the events that took place at the Bradford Bulls. Obviously when they made a cash call asking for some £500,000 which was raised by the fans in Bradford, which was tremendous, they did not appreciate the extent of the financial problems within the Club. I think if they had followed a similar path that we have followed in being transparent about the finances then the resultant administration could have been significantly different. Therefore it does sadden me that I am not able to directly answer questions that arise on the evening.

What we have managed to achieve in the past 12 months and our expectations for 2013 and beyond.

In the past 12 months, the Board has been able to re-evaluate and re-calibrate the structure of the Club to the extent that we are almost self sufficient and sustainable. The problem that we face this season is that we have had no central distribution from the RFL. This means that we have had to run without the £100,000 cash that would normally come in from the RFL. Everybody will remember that those monies were utilised to discharge the outstanding tax and the players’ wages from last season. We have consistently been able to manage the Club within its bank facilities that was originally agreed in August 2011 of £100,000 facility. As with all overdrafts, our bank wishes to discuss our facility and I am in the process of those discussions.

Once the season commenced it was anticipated that attendances would be hopefully be averaging around about 1800. Unfortunately, attendances have fallen below that due to the economic recession in the area. I think it is right to say that average gates are in the region of 1500. This means that in terms of my projections for the 2012 season, my projections are over stated and now there is a shortfall in terms of income of at least £30,000. You will recall from the original figures that I was hoping that we would make a reasonable profit at the end of this year this has now been reduced. The true position as it stands at this moment in time is that we are likely to break even at the end of the year. However, during the year we have been able to discharge the liabilities from the previous 12 months and built a solid foundation for 2013.

Everybody will appreciate that there have been savings that we have had to implement this year, most of which have been of necessity and perhaps the biggest one that we have had to endure has been the community department. It was certainly envisaged in 2012 that the community department being run independently by Leigh Youth and Community Trust. However, due to a number of issues that unfortunately has not worked. The consequences is that the Trust that the Club set up now runs independently of the Club and is a standalone community trust.

We do not have any control or responsibility for that Trust. That creates its own problems for us going further forward. But I think it is important for people to understand that there is this now separation. To meet our community requirements regarding the Rugby Football League we are now in the process of re-establishing our own community structure. This is being involved under the stewardship of Trevor and he will address you further. The finances of the Club have therefore been based upon the income that we derive from gate receipts, from sponsorship, match day sponsorship, and the significant contribution we receive from LISA, the contributions from the corporate sponsors /the Touchdown Club and our own lottery.

These contributions which are probably in excess of £100,000 form the bedrock along with the other income streams program sponsorships, shirt sponsorships provide us with significant income stream. Next year we will also have the central distributions from the RFL. One thing that I have been able to achieve with a great deal of success is the integration between the Club and Leigh Sports Village. This has meant there has been far greater cooperation between the two organisations. It means that indirectly the expenses that we would normally have to take responsibility for ourselves have now been able to in part be deflected. This key partnership we have with LSV is of significant importance and again I will make comment later. The finances have been steady throughout.

The success of the players on the park has brought additional revenue in terms of the Leeds game which was vital. That to some extent helped to address some of the shortfall However, when I did my original budgets I did not plan to incorporate progressing to the playoffs. But as you will all recognise the performance by Paul and the players this season has been fantastic. We cannot praise highly enough is the commitment of the players and the coaching staff. The level of performance has been superb. I think the performance at Keighley last week demonstrates this. To go to Keighley and to nil them by 26 to nil was an outstanding result when you consider they were the strongest defensive team in the league until our arrival. I think this puts a good benchmark down for the last 3 remaining games against Halifax, Keighley and Swinton. If we can win those 3 games then we are almost guaranteed at least one more home game in the playoffs if not 2.

There is a high degree of optimism that performance levels can be maintained and being able to avoid injuries this is the real critical factor for a Club as we operate on a small squad is that we have the capabilities of reaching the Grand Final. Success in the playoffs and success in reaching the Grand Final would again have a dramatic effect on the finances of the Club, demonstrating to all that we have reached sustainability. The current problem we face is cash flow, like in all businesses this very much depends upon the income being received, being able to generate sufficiently to meet its monthly and weekly expenditure. We have achieved this up until the end of July and within the overdraft facility. As discussed previously, I am currently speaking to the bank in order to address that issue.

The bank has required a more detailed budget which was provided to them on 9th July. In addition to which they have also asked us to prepare a detailed budget for 2013. Therefore, we are facing a very difficult period. I feel it is important that everybody keeps their efforts focused on bringing revenue into the Club. Hopefully the gate attendances at Halifax and Keighley will be higher than what they have for the previous games. Admittedly the Keighley game is on a Thursday night but this is obviously a rearranged game, it was the only time that the game could be fitted in to make it work for both clubs. But if we can increase our attendances on those last 2 games that will give us a little bit more cash. We will always have to look at our community to provide additional funds to enable the Club to work its way forward over the next few months. Next season, as indicated, we have the additional income from the RFL, in addition to which we have moved to a 14 team competition there are 4 more home games. Provided we get the pricing structure for the tickets next season right and the sponsorship packages right, and the corporate opportunities right, then we will have achieved the ultimate aim of being self sufficient and sustainable.

But an integral part of that picture is our very close working relationship within the partnership of Leigh Sports Village. I cannot stress enough that the partnership that we have created is fundamental to our success. I know in the past that fans and organisations have been quick to complain about Leigh Sports Village and the cost. But I can say to you categorically today that without their support the future for Leigh Centurions would have been significantly bleaker than it now is. Paul has started recruiting for next season and has made a number of signings already to keep some of the players that I signed last year here again for the next season or two. Paul’s involvement as head coach has been outstanding. He fully understands the finances of which we have to operate under next season. Paul is working hard to recruit the squad that will maintain the performances that we have achieved this year. I am sure everybody would recognise that Paul’s emergence as the head coach has been first class. If I had my choice for Coach of the season the Paul would be it.

I am pleased to say that Richie’s appointment is now starting to evolve. Obviously it has taken a long time to get Richie over here, not arriving until March. He has now been with us 4 months and like any new role it is now starting to see his contribution to the Club and to the development of the Club will become more and more apparent over the next few months. Everybody will appreciate that as a Club we operate on a minimum number of employees for administration purposes. We do rely upon LSV to provide additional assistance which they are happy to do. I and the Board being involved on a part-time basis means that you do need to rely upon the full time members of staff in the organisation. Paul, Richie, Annette, Andy, Christine Johnny in Lottery, and Jane in the accounts, all contribute significantly. But by, maintaining a lean mean machine we are able to build that foundation of sustainability.

I mentioned earlier the discussions we have had with the RFL about Super League. Sustainability is going to be the key motoring tool for the RFL. It is without doubt that we have the best facilities within the Championship and in some cases probably far better than some Super League Clubs even though some of them have got new grounds. The unique partnership we have with Leigh Sports Village means that we could if so requested by RFL step into Super League quite quickly. I, Trevor and Simon Toon are currently working on a budget plan to demonstrate to the RFL how sustainable we are as a partnership.

We are unique in rugby league terms compared to any of the other rugby league clubs. All the other rugby league clubs have a ground that is very expensive to run or alternatively have landlords that are only too willing to take out income thus putting financial pressure on the rugby league club. By comparison LSV are working to an opposite formula. There is no desire to take money away from the Centurions. They looking at every opportunity to put money back into Centurions wherever possible. LSV and Wigan Council both back our campaign to we beLEIGHve. Everyone, including the wider partnership at LSV, will recognise that Leigh being in Super League will have a positive and dramatic impact upon the town and in particular the Village and what it brings to the town and the Village. Commercially it has an immense impact on the pubs and restaurants and small businesses in the Leigh community. It has a significant impact upon the revenue streams that come into LSV.

It has an impact upon the hotel and the new commercial ventures that currently exist in the village with Morrisons, Park Inn, and the new public house that will be opening shortly. Therefore, the greater revenue that Super League brings means the ability for the partnership to build a much stronger foundation The meeting that we had with Blake Solly of the RFL was very positive. Blake Solly now understands the unique working relationship that we have with LSV. If there is a mini franchise bid for the season 2013-2014 for Super League then we would certainly expect to be a primary candidate for that slot. Obviously there will be a high degree of pressure from Halifax. Obviously Featherstone will be banging on the drums but their ground facilities will certainly weaken their bid. Therefore, this issue of sustainability now is driving the Club further forward. Raising the profile of the Club forms an integral part of that process.

The partnership developed with Leigh Life has been tremendous hence again tonight is being streamed on line. The ability for games to be recorded and broadcast is of immense benefit. But I think everybody needs to appreciate that with these benefits there is a cost and people need to make proper contribution. The pricing that we have for next season is currently under review. There will be a slight increase in costs next year and Trevor will explain this to you. Therefore, financially from a RFL point of view, I believe that we are now achieving the results we are capable of achieving SUSTAINABILITY.

The performances on the park have been quite outstanding and there is no reason to doubt that they will continue through the rest of this season and into next. It has been a very hard learning curve for everybody on the Board in trying to assimilate and get to grips with some of the nuances that have existed. Obviously on some occasions we have upset some and have helped others. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong. But all the decisions we make are in the best interests of the Club without any reward for any members of the Board. One of the hardest decisions we have had to tackle this year has been regarding Leigh Community Trust. It was envisaged that having to close the community department last year that the Trust would step up and we would be able to work in partnership together.

That regrettably has not been able to work. It would be unfair to go into the full reasons why that has not occurred but it is right to say that due to a number of issues it has not happened. The level of communication between the two organisations has been poor, the consequences of which the cooperation between the two organisations has not worked. Therefore we are now embarking upon re-establishing our own community department which under the stewardship of Trevor over the next few months which will reinvigorate our work within the community. Part of that work has already commenced with the employment of a number of apprenticeships which are now taking rugby into primary schools.

Leigh Sports Village has its own community department and again the overlap between our organisation and LSV is there for everyone to see and again with the support of LSV we are able to progress the community projects that we need to progress for RFL requirements. The RFL regrettably has its own issues in terms of funding. It is unfortunate to announce that the RFL will be making cutbacks across the whole rugby community due to restrictions in income from Sport England later this year. Operationally within Championship.

In the past the clubs have always attended the RFL meetings on a club by club basis. That has meant that when propositions have been put forward by the RFL for the first time at those Championship meetings to consider the proposals. The consequence are decisions are made without the full consequences being appreciated. Therefore, the Championship clubs have now resolved to meet prior to the Championship meetings so that we can fully discuss as a group without cross referencing to the RFL our concerns so that we can deal with proposals on a united front if possible.

This approach is creating greater transparency between all the clubs in how all the clubs deal with certain issues, for example: travel, medicals, insurance. There is obviously an overwhelming desire to ensure that all the clubs are sustainable and do not end up like we have with Bradford. So there is a new dawn of realisation within the Championship that we have to act as a group cooperate, share information and in some cases be open about certain issues and not necessarily simply go to meetings purely and simply ‘what’s best for my own club’ regardless of what’s best for the sport. Again, I would like to apologise for not being at the forum. I am not wishing to prevent anyone from asking me any appropriate questions. Therefore, please feel free to email me or Trevor with your questions and I will respond. Where appropriate I will place on the website the question raised and the answer given so everybody is aware of the issues that have been raised and the responses that are provided by me and the Board.

Keith Freer 15th August, 2012"

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16 April 2015 Centurions Name 19 Man Squad For Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Showdown With Salford Red Devils
14 April 2015 Leigh Vs Salford: Hock Available For Selection
12 April 2015 Sheffield Eagles 22 - Leigh Centurions 36
10 April 2015 Leigh Centurions Declare Their Squad For Sunday's Clash With Sheffield Eagles
10 April 2015 Reserves Off To Winning Start
06 April 2015 Leigh Centurions 54-6 Workington Town
05 April 2015 Centurions Announce 19 Man Squad For Easter Monday Fixture
04 April 2015 Ben Reynolds Joins Doncaster On Loan
03 April 2015 Hunslet Hawks 6 - 42 Leigh Centurions
03 April 2015 Ticket Office Easter Closing
01 April 2015 Centurions Announce 19 Man Squad For Good Friday Fixture
30 March 2015 Leigh Vs Salford - Tickets Now On Sale
29 March 2015 Leigh Centurions 60 - 0 Whitehaven
27 March 2015 Centurions Name 19 Man Squad To Face Whitehaven On Sunday
26 March 2015 Leigh Centurions Vs Salford Red Devils Game Confirmed
21 March 2015 "Kes" Joins The Hundred Club
21 March 2015 Penky Pens Another Year
20 March 2015 Leigh Centurions 64 -12 London Broncos
20 March 2015 Fuifui Moimoi Extends His Stay With His Famileigh
20 March 2015 Richie Beaumont Heads To Rochdale On Loan
18 March 2015 Centurions Embed The Pathway For The Local Youth
17 March 2015 In Memory Of Milton Huddart
15 March 2015 Featherstone Rovers 6 - 40 Leigh Centurions
12 March 2015 Centurions Start Wembley March On Fish And Chips Friday
12 March 2015 Centurions Stars Head To Barrow
11 March 2015 Leigh Centurions Vs London Broncos: Fixture Confirmed
10 March 2015 Ladbrokes Challenge Cup Round 4 Draw
09 March 2015 Leigh Pupils Have Designs On Whitehaven Game
09 March 2015 Featherstone Vs Leigh Tickets Now On Sale
08 March 2015 Doncaster 18 - 54 Leigh Centurions
07 March 2015 Woods & Rowley Pay Tribute To Sinfield
06 March 2015 Leigh Centurions Reserves Built Up & Ready To Go
06 March 2015 Ryan Brierley - An Important Statement From Leigh Centurions
04 March 2015 Centurions To Be Featured On BBC North West Tonight At 6:30pm
03 March 2015 Doncaster Tickets On Sale Now At The Ticket Office
03 March 2015 In Memory Of Derek Hartley
01 March 2015 Leigh Centurions 25 - 12 London Broncos
26 February 2015 Leigh Centurions Sign Gareth Hock
25 February 2015 Superleigh Lottery News
24 February 2015 The Audrey Dale Memorial Fund
23 February 2015 Leigh Centurions Reserves Vs Rochdale Hornets First Team: 24th February @ 7:30pm
22 February 2015 Halifax 6 - 18 Leigh Centurions
15 February 2015 Leigh Centurions 36 - 24 Bradford Bulls
11 February 2015 Enjoy Hospitality For Halifax Away
10 February 2015 In Memory Of Derek Clarke
10 February 2015 Gregg McNally Signs Extended Contract
10 February 2015 Leigh Reserves to Face Rochdale First Team
09 February 2015 Centurions Tickets Now Available From More Outlets
08 February 2015 Leigh Centurions 11 - 10 Oldham Roughyeds
06 February 2015 Leigh Centurions Vs Oldham Roughyeds - This Sunday!
06 February 2015 Centurions Link-Up With Local Primary Schools A Big Success
05 February 2015 Laura White To Perform At Bradford Game Half Time Interval
02 February 2015 LCT & Centurions Switch On Motivation Of Unemployed
02 February 2015 Steve Maden Testimonial Game: Postponed
01 February 2015 Leigh Centurions 86 - 0 Keighley Cougars
31 January 2015 Atico Welcomes Fuifui Moimoi
31 January 2015 The Late Dick Breare Revealed To Be Leigh's Youngest Ever Debutant
30 January 2015 Leigh Centurions Agrees Community Partnership
30 January 2015 Season Ticket Holders - Bring A Friend Reminder
29 January 2015 Academy Leasing Sponsor Fuifui Moimoi's Audi A6 - Supplied By Preston Audi
28 January 2015 Leigh Centurions Vs Keighley Cougars This Sunday!
27 January 2015 Keighley Warm Up Game Kick Off Brought Forward To 2pm
25 January 2015 Leigh Centurions 42 - 22 North Wales Crusaders
23 January 2015 Centurions Season Tickets Selling Fast
23 January 2015 Centurions' Tongan Heritage To Be Developed This Sunday
22 January 2015 Centurions Sign Andrew Dixon
18 January 2015 Leigh Centurions 18 - Wigan Warriors 14
16 January 2015 Centurions Supporting Wigan & Leigh Hospice This Sunday
16 January 2015 The Centurions Take On The Warriors In The Battle Of The Borough - This Sunday
13 January 2015 Fuifui Moimoi Integrates Into Centurions Squad
12 January 2015 Join The Superleigh Lottery Today And Win Great Prizes
07 January 2015 Welcome Fuifui Moimoi Event - Tuesday 13th January @ Leigh Sports Village
06 January 2015 In Memory Of Geoff Aspinall
06 January 2015 In Memory Of Glyn Elmer
30 December 2014 In Memory Of Albert Moore
27 December 2014 Leigh Centurions Players' Association To Induct Player Into Hall Of Fame
24 December 2014 Superleigh Lottery Raises £3,812.72 in Extra Revenue Over 2014 Season
22 December 2014 Past Players Association Unveil Legends Bar Murals
19 December 2014 Season Ticket Cards Ready For Collection At The Ticket Office
17 December 2014 Centurions To Play Keighley Cougars In Pre-Season Friendly
16 December 2014 Leigh Centurions Vs Wigan Warriors - Premier Club
16 December 2014 Leigh Centurions BIG Christmas Draw Results
13 December 2014 Leigh Legend Trevor Cogger Endorses The Signing Of Fuifui Moimoi
12 December 2014 Leigh Centurions Vs Wigan Warriors: Tickets Now On Sale
10 December 2014 Centurions Announce Friendly With Oldham Roughyeds
09 December 2014 Centurions Reveal 2015 Squad Numbers
09 December 2014 Leigh Centurions To Face North Wales Crusaders on 25th January 2015
05 December 2014 Summer Bash Tickets Available
03 December 2014 Centurions In The Community
03 December 2014 Rowley Joins The Elite Class Of 2014
01 December 2014 Martyn Ridyard Seeks Glory In The Bravo Inns Pubs Darts Challenge
29 November 2014 Fuifui Moimoi Joins Leigh Centurions
28 November 2014 Centurions Launch 2015 Shirts
26 November 2014 Curtis Johnstone Not Joining Centurions
24 November 2014 Centurions Shirt Launch - 27th November - Event Sold Out
20 November 2014 Summer Bash To Light Up Blackpool
17 November 2014 CS Civils & Groundworks Turn To Evans Halshaw For Their New Vehicles
17 November 2014 Centurions Announce New Off Field Structure
15 November 2014 Leigh Centurions To Face Wigan Warriors At Leigh Sports Village On January 18th
12 November 2014 Martyn Ridyard Honoured By Rugby League Writers Association
11 November 2014 Kukri & Leigh Centurions Team Up
09 November 2014 Centurions Start The Full-Time Era - Beaumont Confirms A Settled & Completed Centurions Squad
07 November 2014 Superleigh Children's Christmas Party - Sunday 7th December
04 November 2014 Leigh Centurions To Mark 100 Year Anniversary Of The First World War At Remembrance Sunday
04 November 2014 Centurions To Visit Leigh Market Hall This Thursday
03 November 2014 O2 Seal The Deal - Perfect Partnership Continues
30 October 2014 Richard Beaumont Joins Leigh Centurions
30 October 2014 Centurions Sign Ben Reynolds
29 October 2014 Ellie Pugh Awarded Charitable Act 2014 & Overall Hero Awards
27 October 2014 2015 Touchdown Club Membership Details
27 October 2014 Centurions Make Presentation To Leigh Cricket Club
22 October 2014 BIG Christmas Draw - Tickets Available Now
21 October 2014 Exclusive Announcement To Be Made At LISA Meeting On 30th October
19 October 2014 Leigh Centurions 2015 Fixtures Released
16 October 2014 AB Sundecks Support Club Partner Evans Halshaw
16 October 2014 In Memory Of Dick Breare
16 October 2014 Lottery Collection Agent Urgently Required
15 October 2014 The Faulty Towers Dining Experience Returns To Leigh This November
08 October 2014 Greg Worthington Joins Leigh In Five-Figure Transfer
08 October 2014 Leigh Centurions Bring Silverware To O2 Store - Take A Selfie To Win An Ipad Mini
08 October 2014 Championship Trophy Photo Opportunity
08 October 2014 Leigh Centurions TV Bolstered By Equipment Donation
07 October 2014 Leigh Centurions & Leigh Sports Village Raise £262.96 For Macmillan Cancer Support
06 October 2014 Centurions Triumph In Grand Final Victory
01 October 2014 Centurions Impress At Kingstone Press Championship Awards
28 September 2014 Lewis Foster Awarded Full Time Contract For 2015
28 September 2014 Centurions Reach Kingstone Press Championship Grand Final
26 September 2014 Centurions Announce 2015 Season Ticket Prices
25 September 2014 Centurion Star Prize - Draw Takes Place Tonight
24 September 2014 Mark Sheals Is The Guest Speaker In The Touchdown Club This Week
24 September 2014 Only 60 Tickets Remain For Thursday's Fans Forum
22 September 2014 Leigh Centurions vs Dewsbury Rams - Sunday 28th September - 3pm @ Leigh Sports Village
22 September 2014 Kay Scoops Major Honours At Awards Evening
19 September 2014 A Reminder To Touchdown Club Members: Shirts Available For Collection
16 September 2014 Qualifying Semi Final To Take Place On Sunday 28th September @ 3pm
15 September 2014 McNally & Brierley Reach Milestones At Doncaster Playoff
14 September 2014 Centurions Book Semi Final Spot
12 September 2014 2014 Centurions Player Of The Year Gala Dinner
11 September 2014 World's Biggest Coffee Morning Comes To Leigh Sports Village
09 September 2014 1,000 Up! Centurions First Team Breach The 1,000 Points Barrier
07 September 2014 North Wales Crusaders 16 - Leigh Centurions 36
06 September 2014 Leigh Centurions Under 20's Win Grand Final
03 September 2014 More Heritage Booklets To Be Printed If There Is Enough Demand
02 September 2014 Five Lucky Season Ticket Holders To Receive Hospitality Tickets To Reserves Grand Final
02 September 2014 Centurions Urge Fans to Support Our Rising Stars of the Future
01 September 2014 Extra Copies Of Saturday's Programme Now Available At The Ticket Office
30 August 2014 Leigh Centurions 22-12 Workington Town
30 August 2014 Sponsor A Reserve Player Ahead Of The Reserves Grand Final
27 August 2014 Heritage Day - Leigh Centurions Vs Workington Town - This Saturday
26 August 2014 Join The Centurions Stars In A Dragon Boat Challenge
24 August 2014 Leigh Past Players To Compete In Cricket Match @ Leigh Cricket Club
18 August 2014 Centurions Look To Appoint CEO
17 August 2014 Swinton Lions 6 - 62 Leigh Centurions
14 August 2014 Sam Barlow Signs Five Year Centurions Deal
13 August 2014 Heritage Dinner - Arrival Times
08 August 2014 Centurions Lift League Leaders' Shield
05 August 2014 Ridyard Named Kingstone Press Championship Player Of The Week
03 August 2014 Batley Bulldogs 6-36 Leigh Centurions
31 July 2014 Stephen O'Dwyer To Represent Leigh Centurions At Wembley Stadium
31 July 2014 Centurions Reserves Smash Through 1000 Points Barrier
30 July 2014 Centurions Business Academy Event - Thursday 7th August
29 July 2014 Martin Aspinwall To Stay With Centurions in 2015
28 July 2014 Batley Game Now To Kick Off At 3PM
27 July 2014 Rochdale Hornets 22 - 72 Leigh Centurions
25 July 2014 Leigh Centurions TV Breaks Through The £20,000 Barrier
25 July 2014 Michael Platt Joins Centurions On Loan
25 July 2014 Joe Bullock Extends Centurions Contract
21 July 2014 Win A Piece Of Leigh Centurions History
19 July 2014 Leigh Centurions 30-0 Keighley Cougars
13 July 2014 Doncaster 24 - 16 Leigh Centurions
11 July 2014 Jonny Walker Joins Leigh Centurions
09 July 2014 Win an Audi A3 Car at the Leigh Centurions Golf Day!
07 July 2014 Centurions Sign Ben Jeffries
06 July 2014 Leigh Centurions 32 - 24 Sheffield Eagles
04 July 2014 Matt Gardner & Michael Ostick Released By Leigh Centurions
03 July 2014 Bob Beswick Signs Two Year Centurions Deal
02 July 2014 Ridyard Going The Extra Mile, Thanks To Evans Halshaw
01 July 2014 Centurions Coaching Staff Renew Contracts
01 July 2014 L.I.S.A. Needs You!
29 June 2014 Leigh Centurions 30 - 22 Dewsbury Rams
25 June 2014 Join Superleigh Today & Be Entered Into A Very Special Prize Draw
24 June 2014 Don't Forget To Order You Heritage Shirt
23 June 2014 Fund Raising Cycle Ride for the Urology Department at The Christie Hospital
22 June 2014 Whitehaven 10 - 24 Leigh Centurions
20 June 2014 Golborne Parkside Heritage Day & Centurions 20’s Community Fixture
20 June 2014 Liam Kay Signs Three Year Deal With Centurions
17 June 2014 Goulden Finalizes New Deal With Leigh Centurions
17 June 2014 Sarsfield Pens New Two Year Deal With Leigh Centurions
17 June 2014 Centurions Heritage Day - Saturday 30th August 2014
17 June 2014 O2 Family Fun Day - A Huge Success
17 June 2014 Changes To Ticket Office Opening Times This Week
16 June 2014 Martyn Ridyard Joins The Leigh One Thousand Club In His 150th Game
16 June 2014 Liam Kay Joins The Leigh Famous 5 Club
15 June 2014 Leigh Centurions 60 - 0 Barrow Raiders
12 June 2014 Sam Barlow Released From Hospital
12 June 2014 Leigh Vs Barrow - Family Funday - Presented By O2 Leigh
12 June 2014 Tom Armstrong Speaks On His Decision To Renew His Contract With Leigh Centurions
12 June 2014 Win Match Day Hospitality For 2 This Weekend With O2 Leigh
12 June 2014 Change Of Date For Featherstone Fixture
11 June 2014 Leigh Centurions 26 - 24 Halifax RLFC
10 June 2014 In Memory Of Audrey Dale
10 June 2014 Tom Armstrong Signs 2 Year Deal
06 June 2014 Leeds Rhinos 25-12 Leigh Centurions
05 June 2014 Delight Dad on Father's Day with a great day out at Leigh Centurions!
04 June 2014 Young Half Back Josh Ward Extends His Centurions Contract
04 June 2014 Sean Penkywicz Agrees New Deal With Centurions
03 June 2014 Record-Breaking Centurions Prepare For Leeds Test
01 June 2014 Workington Town 16 - 28 Leigh Centurions
01 June 2014 Jamie Tracey Signs Two Year Deal
31 May 2014 Touchdown Club Trip To Leeds Quarter Final
30 May 2014 Pownall Signs New Two Year Deal
30 May 2014 Centurions Sign Two Giants
30 May 2014 Leigh Centurions Touchdown 100 - Simon Baldwin Special Guest
29 May 2014 Head Coach Paul Rowley Signs New Centurions Contract
29 May 2014 Jamie Acton Signs 2 Year Contract Extension With Centurions
29 May 2014 Cameron Pitman Handed Two Year Centurions Deal
29 May 2014 Littler & Aspinwall Head Out On Loan
28 May 2014 Haggerty To Stay With Leigh Until The End Of 2016
28 May 2014 Leigh Fan Stephen O'Dwyer "On the Mend"
27 May 2014 Leigh Legends Pay Tribute To Record Breaking Centurions
27 May 2014 Leigh Dedicate History Making Win To Fan Stephen O'Dwyer
25 May 2014 Sheffield Eagles 12-54 Leigh Centurions: New Club Record Attained
21 May 2014 Sheffield Away: Match Day Information
19 May 2014 Mike Norris Appointed Chairman Of Leigh Centurions
18 May 2014 Leigh Centurions 50 - 20 Doncaster RLFC
16 May 2014 Win A Harmon/Kardon Bluetooth Speaker Courtesy Of O2 Leigh
15 May 2014 Brierley Staying With Leigh Centurions
14 May 2014 LCTV Needs You!
12 May 2014 Centurions Under 20's In Action On Wednesday At Leigh Miners
11 May 2014 Dewsbury Rams 12-28 Leigh Centurions
10 May 2014 Where The Streets Have Known Names- Rugby League In Leigh, Rugby League World May Edition
09 May 2014 Leeds Vs Leigh Tickets - Now Available
08 May 2014 Statement From John Roddy
08 May 2014 John Roddy Leaves Leigh Centurions
08 May 2014 Challenge Cup contenders back ‘Tackle Your Memory’
06 May 2014 Centurions Collect Kingstone Press Weekly Championship Awards
04 May 2014 Featherstone Rovers 10 - 29 Leigh Centurions
02 May 2014 Leigh East Development Day - This Sunday
01 May 2014 Thank You To Everyone Who Donated To The Leigh Centurions Easter Egg Collection
01 May 2014 All Four Challenge Cup Quarter Final Fixtures To Be Televised Live
29 April 2014 Leigh Centurions present "Playing The Joker" & A Question Of Sport - Wednesday 7th May
29 April 2014 Tetley's Challenge Cup Quarter Final Draw
28 April 2014 Free Coach Travel To Featherstone Courtesy Of Park Leisure & SR Waite Electrical Contractors
28 April 2014 O2 Leigh Offering 30% Discount On Mobile Contracts To Leigh Fans This Week
27 April 2014 Leigh Centurions 26 - 16 Featherstone Rovers
24 April 2014 Centurions Community Event Games
23 April 2014 Rowley Urges Fans To Get Behind Centurions In The Challenge Cup
22 April 2014 Centurions Sign Up Young Duo
18 April 2014 Leigh Centurions 60 - 24 Swinton Lions
17 April 2014 Leigh Vs Featherstone: Touchdown Club
17 April 2014 Double Win for Leigh Centurions Fans and St. Catherine’s Hospice
17 April 2014 Ticket Office Easter Closing
15 April 2014 Leigh Centurions Vs Featherstone Rovers - Tickets On Sale
15 April 2014 Introducing The Centurions Business Academy
13 April 2014 Halifax 28 - 36 Leigh Centurions
12 April 2014 Centurions Confirm Challenge Cup Tie
12 April 2014 Centurions' Online Store To Launch On Monday
11 April 2014 Centurions To Play Reserve Game At Leigh RUFC
11 April 2014 A Big Thank You To Community Spirited SR Waite Electrical Contractors Ltd
09 April 2014 The Shield Group Donate Over 150 Easter Eggs To Centurions' Campaign
08 April 2014 First Team Quartet Extend Contracts With Centurions
06 April 2014 Rochdale Hornets 22 - 28 Leigh Centurions
04 April 2014 Centurions Sign Up Young Trio
03 April 2014 Hopkins Returns To Leigh On Loan
03 April 2014 Centurions Announce Community Event Game
03 April 2014 Govin Heads To Barrow On Loan
02 April 2014 Leigh College Donates 86 Easter Eggs To Centurions Easter Egg Collection
01 April 2014 Centurions Announce Partnership With Leigh Cricket Club
01 April 2014 Liam Kay Scores Kingstone Press Try of the Week
31 March 2014 Tetley's Challenge Cup Round 4 - Rochdale Vs Leigh - Tickets On Sale Now!
30 March 2014 Leigh Centurions 34 - 22 Rochdale Hornets
28 March 2014 Leigh Centurions Vs Rochdale Hornets: Preview
27 March 2014 Treat Your Mum This Mother's Day At Leigh Centurions
26 March 2014 Alex Brown Heads To Batley On Loan
26 March 2014 Centurions Under 20's In Action Tonight At Leigh East
26 March 2014 Spencer Signs New Three Year Deal
24 March 2014 S R Waite Electrical Sponsor Community Partner Club
23 March 2014 Leigh Centurions 35 - 22 North Wales Crusaders
20 March 2014 Centurions Players to Visit Leigh East Post Match
19 March 2014 Touchdown Club Presents: Centurions100 Experience With Alex Murphy OBE
19 March 2014 Lilleyman's To Hold Free Prize Draw For One Lucky Leigh Fan
18 March 2014 Centurions Welcome Park Leisure As Official Travel Partner
18 March 2014 Centurions Drawn Away To Rochdale In Challenge Cup Round 4
18 March 2014 Did You Miss Last Friday's Wigan St Patrick's game? Watch It Now On Leigh Centurions TV
17 March 2014 Evans Halshaw Supply Vehicle For Wife Of Leigh Legend
14 March 2014 Wigan St. Patricks 6 - Leigh Centurions 74
14 March 2014 Brierley Looks Forward To Challenge Cup Clash
14 March 2014 Touchdown Club Member Shirts 2014
13 March 2014 Tetley's Challenge Cup Round 3 Preview - Wigan St Patrick's Vs Leigh Centurions
12 March 2014 Martyn Ridyard Signs New Three Year Deal
12 March 2014 Ryan Brierley Signs New Three Year Contract
11 March 2014 Centurions Announce Partnership With Nando's
10 March 2014 Hospitality Available For Wigan St Patricks Game
10 March 2014 Fixture Clarifications
09 March 2014 Keighley Cougars 26 - Leigh Centurions 28
07 March 2014 Leigh Centurions Easter Egg Collection 2014
06 March 2014 Headingley Carnegie Stadium to host 2014 Kingstone Press Championships Finals Day
06 March 2014 Keighley Cougars Vs Leigh Centurions: Preview
06 March 2014 General Manager Collects New Company Car From Evans Halshaw
04 March 2014 Hogan's Bar Becomes Latest Superleigh Company Member
03 March 2014 Williams & Co. The Personal Injury Solicitors - Getting Results For Leigh Spectators
02 March 2014 Leigh Centurions 52 - Whitehaven RLFC 0
01 March 2014 Junior Centurions To Have A Stall At The Whitehaven Game
28 February 2014 Leigh Fan Nets A Great Deal With Evans Halshaw
28 February 2014 Leigh Centurions Launch Match Day Schools Initiative
27 February 2014 Ryan Brierley: Kingstone Press Championship Player Of The Week
27 February 2014 Wigan St Patrick's Challenge Cup Fixture Confirmation
25 February 2014 Centurions Looking To Appoint Sales Executive
25 February 2014 This Week's Main Match Sponsor - Preston Audi
24 February 2014 Tetley's Challenge Cup - Third Round Draw
24 February 2014 Exclusive Matchday Entertainment with Leigh Legend Tony Cottrell
24 February 2014 Rob Parker Appointed Leigh Centurions General Manager
24 February 2014 Centurions Director In The Spotlight………
23 February 2014 Barrow Raiders 8-52 Leigh Centurions
21 February 2014 Kingstone Press Championship Round 2: Barrow Raiders Vs Leigh Centurions - Kick Off 2PM
20 February 2014 Players On Hand At Leigh Market Retail Outlet This Friday
20 February 2014 Did You Miss Last Sunday's Batley Game? Watch It Now On Leigh Centurions TV
19 February 2014 Superleigh Lottery Winners Collect Their Winnings
19 February 2014 A Great Deal From Evans Halshaw
18 February 2014 Help Get Andy Openshaw Home
17 February 2014 Centurions Official Partners Nominated For Grafter Awards
16 February 2014 Leigh Centurions 52 - 12 Batley Bulldogs
14 February 2014 Centurions Thank Nine Hundred Communications For Radio Refurb
14 February 2014 Under 20's Game Called Off
13 February 2014 In The Centurion This Week ..............
12 February 2014 Bucket Collection This Sunday
12 February 2014 Touchdown Club Hospitality This Sunday
11 February 2014 AB Sundecks To Be Main Match Sponsors This Week
11 February 2014 Another Reason To Buy The Centurion: Stars Mean Prizes
10 February 2014 Centurions Season Gets Underway This Sunday
10 February 2014 Centurions Thank Leigh Miners Rangers
07 February 2014 Leigh Centurions Congratulate RFL
07 February 2014 Superleigh Lottery Needs You!
07 February 2014 Sunday's Halifax Away Game Called Off
06 February 2014 Redwater McCauls Become Leigh Centurions' Latest Official Partners
06 February 2014 Half Term Camp This February
04 February 2014 Jimmy Fiddler - Funeral Details
02 February 2014 Superleigh Lottery Jackpot Draw Results
02 February 2014 Leigh Centurions Vs Warrington Wolves: Result
01 February 2014 Kurt Haggerty Joins Centurions On Loan For 2014
01 February 2014 Rising Stars Out On Loan
31 January 2014 Leigh Centurions Vs Warrington Wolves - This Sunday
27 January 2014 North Wales Crusaders Game - Result
24 January 2014 Leigh Centurions Vs Salford Red Devils: Result
24 January 2014 In Memory Of Jimmy Fiddler
22 January 2014 Huge Demand For Our Friday Night Party
22 January 2014 Meet the Centurions Squad 2014
22 January 2014 Crusaders Game Kick Off Time - 2PM On Sunday
21 January 2014 Legends Bar Launch Hailed A Roaring Success
19 January 2014 Leigh Centurions Vs Wigan Warriors Result
16 January 2014 Simon Finnigan To Retire From Rugby League Playing Career
16 January 2014 In The Programme This Week .....
14 January 2014 Legends Bar Re-Launch This Sunday
14 January 2014 Centurions Announce Evans Halshaw As Official Club Partner
10 January 2014 Arthur Thomas Memorial Trophy To Be Presented At The Wigan Game
09 January 2014 In Memory Of Billy Lea
09 January 2014 Superleigh Lottery Jackpot Draw To Take Place On 31st January
08 January 2014 Centurions Welcome Support From the Touchdown Club and Local Community
07 January 2014 Leigh Centurions Touchdown Club Launches the 2014 Season in Style!
07 January 2014 Next LISA Meeting - 15th January 2014
06 January 2014 Get Your Tickets For The 4 Warm Up Fixtures
03 January 2014 In Memory Of Jack Gibson
03 January 2014 Centurions Sign Jake Emmitt
02 January 2014 Superleigh Lottery Raise Extra £3,450 For Leigh Centurions Over This Close Season
30 December 2013 In Memory Of Maurice Jones - Club Photographer
24 December 2013 Centurions Christmas Closing
21 December 2013 Frank Blackburn Is Our Superleigh £1,000 Winner!
20 December 2013 Centurions Announce An End To Dual Registration Partnership With Wigan
19 December 2013 Centurions Reveal 2014 Squad Numbers
18 December 2013 Centurions Sign Liam Kay
18 December 2013 Superleigh BIG Christmas Draw Raises £2,500 In Profit For Leigh Centurions
17 December 2013 Centurions Confirm Team Captaincy For 2014
13 December 2013 Centurions Confirm Pre-Season Fixture Schedule - Updated
13 December 2013 Season Tickets Ready For Collection
12 December 2013 2014 Big Christmas Draw Results
12 December 2013 Don't Forget To Order Your Season Ticket & Retain Your Seat
10 December 2013 Don't Forget To Collect Your Replica Shirt!
09 December 2013 Superleigh Children's Christmas Party Takes Place
06 December 2013 Train Like A Centurion
05 December 2013 Centurions Squad To Be VIP Guests At Winter Wonderland Event
04 December 2013 Centurions Players Participate In Charity Calendar
03 December 2013 Centurions Support Leigh East Under 12's Presentation Evening
03 December 2013 2013 BIG Christmas Draw - Time Is Running Out
02 December 2013 Centurions Welcome Back Their International Stars
30 November 2013 2014 Shirts Launched - Replicas On Sale Now!
29 November 2013 2013 Sponsors Evening - Thank You To All Who Attended
29 November 2013 2014 Shirt Launch - Tonight!
28 November 2013 Ostick To Take On New Community Role
28 November 2013 Superleigh Children's Christmas Party - Tickets Limited
27 November 2013 Mick Govin Signs For 2014
27 November 2013 Tom Spencer Links Up With Leigh Community Trust
26 November 2013 Bubbles & Dreams Bathrooms & Tiles Sponsor Centurions Shirt Sleeve
26 November 2013 Wigan & Leigh College Have Training Session With Leigh's International Stars
25 November 2013 2014 Kingstone Press Championship Fixtures
25 November 2013 Maxilead Metals Sponsor Centurions Jersey
23 November 2013 C&S Tyres UK Ltd Sponsor Players' Kit bags
22 November 2013 Sponsor A Player As A Gift This Christmas
22 November 2013 Tom Spencer In World Cup Community Reading
21 November 2013 Centurions Support Atherton Dragons Presentation Evening
21 November 2013 Faulty Towers Dining Experience - A Huge Success
20 November 2013 Urban Sports Training Sessions - Every Wednesday & Friday
19 November 2013 Australia Hold Training Session At Leigh Sports Village
14 November 2013 Parker, Duffy and Key 103 Run In The Dark for Charity
13 November 2013 Centurions Appoint New Commercial Director
11 November 2013 LISA Announced As A Strategic Partner
06 November 2013 Williams & Co. Solicitors Back The Centurions For 2014
05 November 2013 Leigh Centurions Management Conference
04 November 2013 Centurions Support Mikey Reynolds Fund Raising Event
03 November 2013 Tonga Vs Cook Islands On Course For A Sell Out
03 November 2013 Coach Paul Anderson Updates Us On The Under 20's Squad For 2014
01 November 2013 Tonga Captain Brings Team To Meet Leigh Centurions Kids
30 October 2013 Firework & Gift Shop Offering 10% Discount On Fireworks To Leigh Fans
26 October 2013 Superleigh Lottery Welcomes Latest Company Member
24 October 2013 Westco Sponsors Leigh Centurions
23 October 2013 Centurions Land High Profile Shirt Sponsorship Deal
22 October 2013 Rowley Reflects On His Summarising With Radio Manchester This Season
17 October 2013 Leigh Centurions To Unveil Heritage Numbers In 2014
17 October 2013 Leigh Centurions Community Foundation Fund Raising Dinner
17 October 2013 Season Ticket Monthly Payment Deadline - This Weekend
16 October 2013 Centurion Dancer Chelsea selected for World Cup Duty
12 October 2013 Ryan Brierley Tackles Community Coach Role
10 October 2013 Super League Recruit Alex Brown Wings In
09 October 2013 2013 End Of Season Awards Evening A Great Success
08 October 2013 Monthly Payment Season Ticket Option Deadline This Thursday
08 October 2013 Rowley Attends Wish FM Local Hero Awards
08 October 2013 Touchdown Club Trip To World Cup Final
04 October 2013 Centurions Sign Matthew Sarsfield
03 October 2013 Armstrong Returns To Leigh For 2014
03 October 2013 Signature Strip Deadline This Saturday
02 October 2013 Centurions Sign Tom Spencer
02 October 2013 Superleigh Lottery Looking For Christmas Draw Prize Donations
01 October 2013 Parker Calls Time on Playing Career
28 September 2013 Darren Sheppard Is Named Leigh Centurions King of the Fans
27 September 2013 Centurions 2013 Player Awards Evening - 3rd October
27 September 2013 Ryan Brierley Named Kingstone Press Championship Young Player Of The Year
26 September 2013 Signature Strip Deadline Extended To October 5th
24 September 2013 Introducing The Revamped Touchdown Club
23 September 2013 Order Your Grand Final Day Tickets Before Friday To Get A Discount
20 September 2013 Centurions Launch 2014 Season Ticket Details
19 September 2013 Centurions Launch "We Are In This Together" Campaign
18 September 2013 Centurions Sign Jamie Acton
15 September 2013 Leigh Centurions 14 - Batley Bulldogs 15
12 September 2013 Sign Up To The Centurions "Signature Strip" Campaign Before 27th September
12 September 2013 Rowley & Brierley Nominated For Kingstone Press Championship Awards
12 September 2013 Enjoy Hospitality With The Touchdown Club
10 September 2013 Leigh Vs Batley Tickets On Sale Now
09 September 2013 Centurions Sign Oliver Wilkes
09 September 2013 Centurions Confirm The Signing Of Sam Barlow
08 September 2013 Featherstone 40 - Leigh 26
08 September 2013 Featherstone Tickets Available Between 11:30am and 12:15pm Today
06 September 2013 Featherstone Tickets Now On Sale
02 September 2013 Centurions Thank A Star Recruitment For Dewsbury Game Sponsorship
02 September 2013 Vote For Your Player Of The Year
01 September 2013 Leigh Centurions 22 - Dewsbury Rams 24
23 August 2013 Trevor Barton MBE Appointed To Centurions Board Of Management
22 August 2013 Batley Bulldogs 24 - Leigh Centurions 18
19 August 2013 Coach Travel To Batley
18 August 2013 Centurions Back to Winning Ways
15 August 2013 Use Promotional Code LeighRL @ Lilleyman's & Centurions Receive Percentage Of Sales
15 August 2013 In The Programme This Week ...
14 August 2013 John Roddy Appointed To Role Of Permanent Chairman
13 August 2013 Centurions Stalwarts Maden & Goulden To Remain With Leigh
09 August 2013 Sheffield Eagles 20 - Leigh Centurions 8
09 August 2013 Matt Gardner Signs New Contract
04 August 2013 Leigh Move Up To 3rd In Kingstone Press Championship
01 August 2013 Hot Prospects Agree Leigh Centurions Deals
01 August 2013 Leigh Vs Swinton - O2 Fun Day This Sunday!
31 July 2013 Leigh Centurions 11 - Halifax 4
30 July 2013 Leigh Centurions Business Academy Holds Inaugural Event
29 July 2013 A Reminder For Touchdown Club Members
29 July 2013 Have Your Photo taken With the Northern Rail Cup
28 July 2013 Centurions To Produce E-Programme For Halifax Game
28 July 2013 Leigh Centurions 19 - Hunslet Hawks 12
25 July 2013 Centurions Thank Iron Science For Their Part In Northern Rail Cup Success
23 July 2013 Centurions Confirm New Date For Re-arranged Halifax Fixture
23 July 2013 James Taylor's Testimonial Sportsman's Dinner
22 July 2013 Three Coach Raffle Prizes Remain Unclaimed
21 July 2013 Centurions Thank Fans For Northern Rail Cup Final Support
20 July 2013 Leigh Centurions Lift The Northern Rail Cup For A Fourth Time
19 July 2013 Happy 95th Birthday To Tommy Sale MBE
15 July 2013 Ryan Brierley Signs New Two Year Contract
14 July 2013 Centurions Move Up To Fourth In The Kingstone Press Championship
13 July 2013 Centurions Urge Fans to Get Their Northern Rail Cup Final Tickets Before 1PM Tuesday
12 July 2013 Northern Rail Cup Final: Disabled Supporters Information
11 July 2013 Touchdown Club Northern Rail Cup Final Package
11 July 2013 Believe in Leigh Campaign
10 July 2013 Centurions Fans Can Be The 18th Man
08 July 2013 Important Info For Fans Attending Northern Rail Cup Final
07 July 2013 Doncaster RLFC 30-36 Leigh Centurions
06 July 2013 James Taylor Retires From Rugby League
05 July 2013 Ryan Brierley & Martyn Ridyard Reflect On Leigh’s Northern Rail Cup Semi-Final Victory
04 July 2013 Northern Rail Cup Final Ticket Information
04 July 2013 Life For A Kid - Charity Walk
02 July 2013 Northern Rail Cup Final - Match Day Information
01 July 2013 Centurions Acknowledge Leigh East's Role In Development Of Sam Hopkins
01 July 2013 Junior Centurions Summertime Event
28 June 2013 A Big Thank You From The Touchdown Club
27 June 2013 The Centurions Book Their Place In The Northern Rail Cup Final
24 June 2013 Centurions Launch New Partnership With O2
23 June 2013 Leigh Centurions 42- York City Knights 20
21 June 2013 Centurions Visit Bedford RNC To Support National Care Home Day
20 June 2013 The Touchdown Club Presents Summer Nights Rugby
20 June 2013 Sam Hopkins To Join Wigan Warriors in 2014
19 June 2013 Govin Returns To Centurions
18 June 2013 Your Club Needs You!
18 June 2013 Centurions Confirm Northern Rail Cup Tie
18 June 2013 The Rowley Report: Leigh Centurions TV Exclusive
17 June 2013 Touchdown Club Thanks All Who Attended The Fathers Day Special
17 June 2013 Veterans’ Parade At Leigh Centurions Vs York City Knights Match
16 June 2013 Centurions Advance To Northern Rail Cup Semi Finals
13 June 2013 In The Spotlight - A Great Success
12 June 2013 Fathers Day Special - Limited Places Remain
10 June 2013 Leigh Vs Whitehaven Tickets On Sale - Fathers Day Special
09 June 2013 Workington Town 26 - Leigh Centurions 22
06 June 2013 Centurions Appoint Interim Chairman
06 June 2013 Rowley Looks Forward To Cheeseman Interview
03 June 2013 Ticket Office Closing Early This Week
01 June 2013 Leigh 8 - Featherstone 23
31 May 2013 Centurions Reveal New Management Structure
31 May 2013 Leigh Centurions TV Launches Tonight
26 May 2013 Centurions 62 - Cougars 12
24 May 2013 Centurions Announce New Board Of Management
24 May 2013 Northern Rail Cup Quarter Final Draw
23 May 2013 Join The Centurions For An After Match Bash This Sunday
23 May 2013 SR Waite Electrical Contractors Donate PC To Leigh Centurions TV
19 May 2013 Featherstone 12 - Leigh 22
16 May 2013 Centurions Thank Sponsors For Subsidising Coach Travel
13 May 2013 Tickets For Sunday's Northern Rail Cup Clash Now On Sale
08 May 2013 A Statement From The Chairman
05 May 2013 York 4 - Leigh 52
01 May 2013 Leigh Community Foundation
01 May 2013 Centurions Drawn Away At Featherstone In Northern Rail Cup
01 May 2013 Congratulations To Neil Jukes
28 April 2013 Centurions 20 - Bulldogs 0
27 April 2013 Macca's Minutes
26 April 2013 Centurions TV - Update
25 April 2013 In The Centurion This Week
25 April 2013 Featherstone Game Confirmed For 1st June @ 1PM
23 April 2013 Come And Join The Batley Bash This Sunday!
22 April 2013 Leigh fans asked to name the Kingstone Press Championships awards
19 April 2013 Wigan Warriors 60 - Leigh Centurions 10
15 April 2013 Wigan Vs Leigh - Hospitality Available
14 April 2013 Halifax RLFC 60-10 Leigh Centurions
12 April 2013 Centurions TV
11 April 2013 Hopkins Signs New 12 Month Contract
09 April 2013 Office Closed On Thursday Afternoon For Arthur Thomas' Funeral
08 April 2013 Parky Pig Thanks The Leigh Community For Their Generosity Over Easter
08 April 2013 Centurions To Face Wigan Warriors In Tetley's Challenge Cup
04 April 2013 Arthur Thomas Funeral Details
03 April 2013 Tetleys Challenge Cup Double Header - This Saturday
01 April 2013 Centurions Victorious Over Workington
31 March 2013 Centurions Mourn The Passing Of Former Chairman Arthur Thomas
29 March 2013 Centurions Victorious Over Swinton
29 March 2013 Macca's Minutes
28 March 2013 Ticket Office Easter Opening Hours
27 March 2013 Leigh Life Radio Unavailable For Good Friday Fixture
26 March 2013 Leigh Centurions & Swinton Lions Announce Challenge Cup Double Header
26 March 2013 Centurions Congratulate Mark Taylor On The Birth Of His First Child
24 March 2013 CEO Trevor Barton MBE Talks To Dave Parkinson About The Club's Partnership With Wigan
22 March 2013 Leigh Centurions Announce Official Partnership With Wigan Warriors
21 March 2013 Comeback Win For Centurions
21 March 2013 Macca's Minutes
20 March 2013 In The Centurion This Week
19 March 2013 Congratulations To Greg McNally
19 March 2013 Under 20's In Action On Wednesday
17 March 2013 Centurions Victorious Away At Dewsbury
12 March 2013 Leigh East ‘Live the Dream’ At Centurions Game
08 March 2013 Centurions 18 - Eagles 40
07 March 2013 LISA Presents £15,000 Cheque To Leigh Centurions
06 March 2013 Centurions Announce The 400/20 Challenge
03 March 2013 Centurions Victorious At Keighley
01 March 2013 Commentator Derek Disley To Retire - Could You Succeed Him?
28 February 2013 Superleigh Lottery Launches Centurions Sweepstake Rugby Card
26 February 2013 Bears Have A Big Surprise At Leigh Centurions
25 February 2013 North Stand Ticket Error
24 February 2013 Leigh Centurions 34 - Doncaster RLFC 8
22 February 2013 Centurions Confirm New Contract For Rowley
21 February 2013 Macca's Minutes
20 February 2013 Centurions Spend Time With Miners U7s & U8s
18 February 2013 The Tanning Studio By Dave Brown Sponsors Parky Pig's Shorts
14 February 2013 Whitehaven 14 - Leigh 28
14 February 2013 Leigh Sports Village To Host Kingstone Press Championships Finals Day
14 February 2013 Macca's Minutes
12 February 2013 ‘Smashing’ Centurions Visit For Community Table Tennis Club
11 February 2013 Leigh CEO Discusses Club Chaplaincy Article
10 February 2013 Centurions 40 - Hawks 0
09 February 2013 Macca's Minutes
08 February 2013 Centurions Sponsor's Evening - A Huge Success
07 February 2013 In The Centurion This Sunday
06 February 2013 Macca's Minutes
03 February 2013 Don't Forget To Pick Up Your 2013 Fixture Cards
03 February 2013 Featherstone 38 - Leigh 6
02 February 2013 Limited Parking At Featherstone
31 January 2013 1 + 9 Club = Ten-sational! Do The Maths At A Centurions Match
30 January 2013 Leigh Centurions Appoint Rob Parker As Business Manager
28 January 2013 A Big Thank You To Leigh Sports Village & Our Loyal Fans
25 January 2013 Centurions Take The Spoils As Blizzard Engulfs Leigh
23 January 2013 Download Your Legends Bar 4 Pint Pitcher Voucher Now!
23 January 2013 There's Still Time To Join The Touchdown Club
22 January 2013 Call The Car Sponsor Parky Pig's Shorts
21 January 2013 Centurions Development Skill Days
16 January 2013 Leigh Prepare For Fireworks
14 January 2013 Centurions' Fans Forum - 23rd January 2013
12 January 2013 In Memory Of David Chisnall
10 January 2013 Macca's Minutes
08 January 2013 Centurions Apologise For Ticket Confusion
07 January 2013 Leigh Vs Salford Called Off
06 January 2013 Centurions Victorious Over Wigan Warriors
04 January 2013 In The Centurion This Week
04 January 2013 Introduce A New Gold+ Member & Earn Yourself £50!
03 January 2013 Squads Announced For Sunday's Fixture With Wigan
02 January 2013 Centurions Launch WYBIN2013 Campaign
02 January 2013 An Interview With Thomas Coyle
26 December 2012 Macca's Minutes
26 December 2012 £500 Halfords Bike Winner Drawn
22 December 2012 Trevor Barton MBE Reflects On 2012 & Looks Forward To 2013
21 December 2012 Salford Game Postponed
20 December 2012 Touchdown Club 2013 Re-Launch At The Wigan Game
20 December 2012 Leigh DIY & Fireworks Continue Ball Boy Sponsorship
18 December 2012 Centurions Reveal 2013 Squad Numbers
13 December 2012 2012 BIG Christmas Draw Results
12 December 2012 Centurions Confirm Friendly Game With Swinton Lions
07 December 2012 Centurions To Host Salford & Wigan In Festive Fixtures
06 December 2012 Reserves Recommend 'Try Fitness Training'
04 December 2012 Rugby League World Cup Visits Leigh Sports Village
03 December 2012 2013 Fixture Amendment
01 December 2012 In Memory Of Lloyd Pugsley
30 November 2012 Centurions Unveil 2013 Shirt Designs!
28 November 2012 Macca's Minutes - Week 2
26 November 2012 2013 Co-operative Championship Fixtures
23 November 2012 Inaugral Ryan Brierley Cup A Big Success
20 November 2012 Richie Blackmore To Leave Leigh Centurions
19 November 2012 In Memory Of Wayne Keegan
16 November 2012 Macca's Minutes
15 November 2012 In Memory Of Alan Bailey
13 November 2012 Leigh Legends To Line Up Against Kiwi Legends
11 November 2012 Centurions Mourn The Passing Of Joe Egan
09 November 2012 Centurions Publish Findings Of Spectator Survey
08 November 2012 Fans Forum - Video Highlights
07 November 2012 Centurions Add Higson & Taylor To 2013 Squad
05 November 2012 Centurions Appoint New Club Chaplain
26 October 2012 Deadline To Renew Your Seat For 2013 Is Saturday
23 October 2012 Centurions Sign Thomas Coyle
22 October 2012 Centurions Fans' Forum - 7th November
19 October 2012 Rugby League World Cup 2013 announce fixture dates
17 October 2012 In Memory Of Kath Davenport
16 October 2012 An Audience With Darren Lockyer
16 October 2012 Leigh Centurions Present: The Ryan Brierley Half Term Camp
11 October 2012 Existing Season Ticket Holders Can Pre-order 2013 Tickets From Monday
10 October 2012 Taylor Drilling Services Announced As 2013 Main Shirt Sponsors
08 October 2012 2012 Season Awards Night A Great Success
03 October 2012 Centurion Match Day Magazine Enjoys Profitable Year
29 September 2012 Last Chance To Shape The Future Of Rugby League
26 September 2012 Paul Rowley Named Co-operative Championship Coach Of The Year
24 September 2012 Centurions Sign Martin Aspinwall
24 September 2012 Updated: Centurions Board Announce 2013 Pricing Structure
21 September 2012 Centurions Out Of The Playoffs
19 September 2012 In The Centurion This Week ....
18 September 2012 The Junior Centurions Club Needs Your Help!
17 September 2012 Leigh Centurions Vs Sheffield Eagles - Tickets On Sale Now!
14 September 2012 Centurions Thank Fans & Sponsors For Fantastic Support At Featherstone
13 September 2012 Centurions Denied Grand Final Place At First Attempt
13 September 2012 Centurions Sign Sean Penkywicz
12 September 2012 Club Archivist Seeks Your Unwanted Leigh Centurions Memorabilia
12 September 2012 Centurions' Annual Awards Party
11 September 2012 Seats On The Coach To Featherstone - Only 20 Seats Left!
10 September 2012 Centurions' Retail Unit Opening Hailed A Huge Success
06 September 2012 Featherstone Vs Leigh: Important Information
05 September 2012 Centurions Looking For 2013 Sponsors
05 September 2012 Town Centre Retail Unit Opens This Friday
03 September 2012 Blackburn Rovers U21's To Remain At Leigh Sports Village
02 September 2012 Centurions Claim Second Spot In Co-operative Championship
29 August 2012 Latest Superleigh Lottery Results
28 August 2012 Embrace Wigan & Leigh To Hold A Big Day Out
26 August 2012 Swinton Vs Leigh - Ticket Information
25 August 2012 Centurions Sign Ryan Brierley
23 August 2012 Centurions Extend Winning Streak
23 August 2012 Leigh Centurions Team Up With Leigh Market For Exciting New Venture
23 August 2012 In The Centurion Tonight
22 August 2012 Centurions Sign Simon Finnigan & Ryan Duffy For 2013
22 August 2012 Richie Blackmore Talks About Home Advantage & The Keighley Game
20 August 2012 It's All To Play For As The Season's Climax Approaches
17 August 2012 Leigh Centurions 32 - Halifax RLFC 28
17 August 2012 Coach's Comments - With Paul Rowley
16 August 2012 A Statement From The Centurions' Chairman
15 August 2012 Centurions On Hand For Local Fundraiser
14 August 2012 Sale Of The Centurions
14 August 2012 Parky Pig Presents Medals At Games Celebration Fun Day
09 August 2012 Leigh Vs Halifax - Friday 17th August - Fetch Bob
09 August 2012 Centurions Up To 3rd In Co-operative Championship
08 August 2012 Touchdown Club Summer Dinner A Huge Success
07 August 2012 Hopkins To Remain With Centurions
07 August 2012 Centurions Fans' Forum - 15th August@ LSV
07 August 2012 Latest Superleigh Lottery Results
05 August 2012 Centurions Ease To Victory Over Hunslet
03 August 2012 Ashcroft Rallies Legends For Granddaughter's Appeal
01 August 2012 Leigh v Halifax - Friday Night is Curry Night!
31 July 2012 The Halifax Game Suddenly Got Alot More Interesting
27 July 2012 AB Sundecks Sponsor Superleigh Lottery Van
25 July 2012 Leigh Centurions Golf Day 2012
25 July 2012 Rugby League World Cup 2013 Announce Fixture Dates
22 July 2012 Centurions Victorious Over York City Knights
20 July 2012 Centurions Strive To Improve Communications
19 July 2012 Superleigh Lottery Looking To Appoint Sales Representatives
19 July 2012 Leuluai Returns On Loan
17 July 2012 Pitch Maintenance Well Underway
17 July 2012 Touchdown Club Summer Dinner - 3rd August 2012
16 July 2012 Keighley Away To Be Televised By Premier Sports
16 July 2012 Leigh Centurions Would Like To Hear Your Views
16 July 2012 No "Friday The 13th" For Centurions
13 July 2012 In The Centurion This Week .....
12 July 2012 Leigh Vs Dewsbury: Preview
10 July 2012 Leigh Sports Village 10k Legacy Event 2012 – Create Your Legacy in Your Area
09 July 2012 Friday Night Is Curry Night!
06 July 2012 Superleigh Lottery Presents Cheque To £1,000 Winner
06 July 2012 Centurions Knocked Out Of Northern Rail Cup
04 July 2012 Community Coach Matt Thomas Wraps Up Development Work In Africa
03 July 2012 Touchdown Club Batley Bike Ride
03 July 2012 Wishing A Happy Birthday To Professor Barrie Dale
03 July 2012 Keighley Game Confirmed For August 23rd
01 July 2012 Leigh Defeated By Batley Bulldogs
28 June 2012 Centurions Leythcast
27 June 2012 We BeLEIGHve
22 June 2012 Rovers Edge Out Centurions
21 June 2012 SUPER LEAGUE 2014
17 June 2012 Centurions Through To Northern Rail Cup Semi Finals
08 April 2012 March To The Northern Rail Finals Day